Sorbos Edible Straws – 18,7CM ,Ø 8 MM

ECO FRIENDLY: Sorbos Edible Straws are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly drinking straws. Not only are the Sorbos Straws biodegradable, but no plastics are used at any stage of their manufacturing process. Offering an alternative to plastic straws, Sorbos Straws wants to be a role model for companies in terms of change, commitment to the environment and improving the lives of people, both individually and collectively.

PERSONALISATION: The Sorbos Straws can also be personalized with your own text. For example, restaurants and bars can order them with the name of their place, but it is also a great gift idea for parties like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties etc.

FLAVOURS: The Sorbos Edible Straws have 23 calories and are made of sugar, water, maize starch and gelatin. There is a choice of five flavours: strawberry, lime, lemon, green apple or chocolate, ginger, cinnamon or neutral taste. R & D Department are already working on new flavours to be announced soon.

WRAPPED: All Sorbos Straws come individually wrapped in recycled paper to ensure optimum levels of hygiene are maintained.

RIGID: A group of food engineers have developed the ideal formula for Sorbos Straw purposes, with the right rigidity, durability and stability, without either the colour or flavouring of the straws tainting the drink. The result is an EcoStraw which does not dissolve in the drink and stays in its original form for up to 40 minutes.Once the drink is finished, the client can eat the straw, which has absorbed the taste of the drink, as if it acted as a sponge.




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