The future of disposable tableware and cutlery

Many of us have heard about the SUP directive, which will come into force next year, but some have been left unclear as to what will happen after the directive is in force. When the directive enters into force in July 2021, plastic disposable tableware, straws and other products made of OXO plastic, may no longer be placed on the market.

The SUP Directive aims to limit the consumption of single-use plastics and aims to reduce plastic waste from nature, promote the circular economy and harmonise product regulation in the EU’s internal market. New alternatives to plastic disposables are being explored and innovated around the world, and current trends are constantly shaping the market closer to the circular economy. One of the strongest emerging innovations of the future is edible disposable tableware, made from natural waste in the food industry, for example, which can be either eaten or composted after use. Leaving no burden for the environment.

Edible disposable cutlery and tableware have increased their share in the disposable take -away tableware market, as responsibility and ecology are increasingly important values for consumers.

In 2018, the share of edible disposable tableware was worth $24.8 million and its value is estimated to reach $56.9 million by 2026.

In the future, we will certainly see disposable products made from edible ingrediencies and recyclable materials meet the market for disposable tableware and cutlery.

Join us in doing good for the environment and enjoying consumption that leaves no trace.